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S Izzy helping me take product photos lol cropped for website.jpg

Allison Doyle

The Owner, Designer, Painter, Shipper, Social Media Manager, Bookeeper, etc.

Shawn Doyle

The Machine Maintainer and Problem Solver

Izzy Doyle

The Chief Happiness Officer and Photographer Assistant.


A husband and wife standing at their booth at a craft show in St. Paul, MN.

Allison and Shawn at the Grand Maker's Market in St. Paul.

Allison Doyle Design is a small company run by a husband and wife team in Ramsey, MN.

In 2017, with the loving support of her husband Shawn, Allison was able to follow her dreams and start her own business making various things and selling them on her Etsy Shop. She mostly specializes in making laser cut, hand painted jewelry and home decor using the laser cutter that Shawn designed and built from scratch.


Here is the laser cutter during the designing and building process:


Allison has always enjoyed making art since she was a child and this presented the perfect opportunity to use her artistic passion to create pieces of art that she could list on her Etsy Shop for anyone to buy. Since starting this business they have shipped her creations all across the United States & Canada and even to places across the world like Australia, England, Norway, Scotland, Germany, Thailand & others.

where my products are all around the world S.jpg

It fills our hearts with so much joy to know that people all around the world are getting to enjoy the jewelry, home decor and other items that we have created! 😁❤️🌎

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